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Courses & Maps – same course, but finish is new — at the Davises’ house

NEW MAP showing the revised finish zone COMING LATER — Prefer a PDF Map?  – Be sure to see page 6 for details of start/transition/finish area, parking, toilets, awards, etc. area.

We have received permission to CLOSE PART OF ROUTE 5 for the Maine State Triathlon!
– Sunday, August 6, 2017 (day of triathlon): 8am – 10am
US Route 5 — from the intersection of Mill Hill Road/Grover Hill Road in Bethel
intersection of Vernon Street in Albany Township.  (see page 4 of PDF Map)

Police, volunteers, and signage will make this section of the course closed and therefore safer.  That said, cyclists and runners on all portions of the course MUST take responsibility for themselves  – obey all traffic rules, cross intersections safely.
(PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, spectators, be parked by race start – 8am. )


Written Description of Course and Swim-to-Bike Details:

Same course as 2016 (except for finish):  Start/Swim/Bike/Run/Finish are all at same location – almost.

Swim: 750 meter swim/start in Songo Pond at Bethel Inn Lakehouse.
Bike: 24 kilometer road cycle, start and finish bike at same transition zone – across from Lakehouse.
Run: 5.8 kilometer run (paved and dirt roads – no trail running) around Songo Pond;
finish at Davis house (where you parked and racked your bike, awards, etc.)



Swim clockwise loop entering and exiting water in same point, keeping buoys on your right. Exit water, run across street to bike racks.  (This is a 750 meter loop/swim.  Was asked recently if one had to swim around the entire lake.  Yikes!  No!)


Bike south on Rts. 5 & 35. Turn left on Vernon Street, right on Main Street, left on Railroad Street, left on Lovers Lane (which is Rts. 5 & 35). Return to bike racks – always riding on the right-hand side of road, riding with the traffic. ALTHOUGH WE HAVE ROADGUARDS AND SOME POLICE, RACERS MUST ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES IN TRAFFIC, WHEN CROSSING TRAFFIC. (Slow down for STOP SIGN at Vernon and Main Streets, proceed with caution. Volunteer there, but be safe!)

Stay in your lane when turning left – meaning do NOT “cut the corner” and ride into an oncoming car! (There are two left turns — stay in the right lane!)


(Do NOT drive this to preview – run or bike only. Heavily signed, “No Trespassing.” Respect landowners.)
Leave bike racks, cross road (see above caution), head south on Rts. 5 & 35, on left-hand side of road, running facing the traffic. Turn left on South Shore Lane which becomes Morning Star Lane. (Water stop there.) Left on Baker Road (not signed Baker Road, but will be a T-junction. Left on Rts. 5 & 35, finish at Davis housr.

Swim-to-bike details.
SWIM/BIKE/RUN TRANSITION ZONE is across the street from the Lakehouse, slightly north of the Bethel Inn’s Lakehouse, in a grassy field/side yard of a home.

Swim is in and out of water at same point. Between the top of the stairs after you exit the water and the dirt chute to cross road, you may leave some shoes or have a friend hand you shoes. However, most people run barefoot to bike racks. (THIS IS THE ONLY ASSISTANCE YOU ARE ALLOWED DURING THIS RACE.) Remember, bike shoes are dangerous to run in. You will cross the road soon – almost straight across – and run into the grass/yard to the right, around the bike pen, and enter the bike pen at the rear.